Support FAQ

I just received my temperature kiosk device but when I click on the mouse it goes to Android and not the applications menu?

Do not use the right mouse button, but push down on the scroll wheel the middle of the mouse to enter the applications menu.

How do connect my kiosk to the MIPS Desktop Software?

Click on the middle scroll wheel on the mouse and enter the password (Default: 123456) and click on Login Management and enter your IP address of your desktop into the Server Management box. The kiosk will indicated that it is connected in green with the IP.

How to connect the device to the Desktop Software?

Install the MIPS Software on computer.

Find the IP address in the browser bar on the computer with MIPS installed.

  • Enter device settings on the scanner (see below if you have not already). Click LAN / Log in
  • Click Server 
  • Enter the IP address of the MIPS computer - Click Log in. 
  • If you are not connected, the device will take you to Wi-Fi (or click Settings).  After connected, right-click to go back one screen and click Login.

How to enter device settings directly from scanner?

  • Plug the scanner in a standard wall power outlet.  There are no power buttons (plug and play) Plug a mouse into one of the USB ports coming out of the unit or your mount. (mouse should have a 3rd middle button/scroll)
  • Click the middle button once anywhere in the middle of the screen.  A password box will appear.
  • Enter the default password is 123456 and click OK.  You are now in the device settings.
  • Note: When in settings on the device, a single right-click will take you back one screen.
  • Show screen/middle mouse button/password box/menu appear

How do I install an update for the MIPS Desktop Software?

We are continuously improving our software by adding new features and improving stability, and will post new software version download links to our support page about every 4 months. As with any software there may be unknown bugs, so it is always important to back up your employee list first before updating.

To install a desktop update download the zip file from the support page and unzip the folder. Find the .exe file and either overwrite your existing file or delete the existing file and re-install the .exe file. 

If the file is overwritten, it should save your temperature and personnel data records, however it is always recommended to back up data before updating just in case anything goes wrong. 

If your software is acting buggy we recommend a fresh reinstall of the app by deleting the existing file and re-install the .exe file. 

How do I install an update for the Kiosk Application?

Updated Kiosk App downloads are posted to our support page. To install the kiosk update the old DCMIPS .APK file must be deleted from the kiosk and reinstalled.  RT mouse click on the kiosk and enter the password to exit to Android OS. Click the gear 'Settings' icon, click on APPS, and click on the DCMIPS app and uninstall.  Next put the new file to a Thumbdrive and insert it into the USB of the kiosk and install the application. 

How do I sync my employee list from the kiosk to the desktop?

Once you have entered your employees into the kiosk and the kiosk is connected to the MIPS Desktop Software, click on the Face information button in the applications menu on the kiosk and Upload button on the top right. Note: Make sure you have all your employees scanned before uploading.

How do I back up my employee list from the MIPS Desktop Software?

Employee lists can be exported in the personnel management area.

How do I change the kiosk temperature remotely from the MIPS Desktop Software?

Can I input employees from the MIPS Desktop Software?

Why is my kiosk not recognizing an employee in my personnel list?

Note: Portrait photo specifications
1. Please choose a front and bareheaded photo in the past three months, with clear and even light image.

2. The recommended size is 640 px * 480 px, and the size should not exceed 500kb. Only jpg and png file are supported.

3. Faces should account for more than 1/3 of the photo, avoiding photo blurring, wearing sunglasses, excessive make up, and head rotations.

I tried to bulk upload but the loading icon spins at “loading” with no data and never does anything.

It is better to upload the data in small batches and make sure that all the spreadsheet requirements are filled in. See Spreadsheet Requirements below

How do I upload employees In Bulk on the MIPS Desktop Software?

Instructions for filling in: (Description of restrictions on each field in the form)
1. Personnel ID: required, unique, composed of 0-10 digits in length, such as 0000000001;
2. Name: required, the length is 0-64 characters, composed of English or numbers;
3. Gender: optional, select "male" or "female";
4. Belonging group: required, it must be an existing group in the system, the upper and lower group are separated by "-", the format is "all group-lower group-lower group";
5. Mobile phone number: required, unique. The domestic mobile phone number is filled according to the length rule of the domestic mobile phone number, and the foreign mobile phone number is filled in with the "+ xx-xxxxxxxxxxx" foreign format rule;
6. ID number: optional, unique, 15 or 18 digits in length, character type is numbers or letters;
7. IC card number: optional, unique, length 0-64 characters, no restrictions on character types;
8. Nationality: optional, the input range is 56 famous nationalities in China;
9. Hometown: optional, length 0-64 characters, no restrictions on character types;
10. Date of birth: optional, the format is "xxxx-xx-xx", it is impossible to enter a future date;
11. Contact address: optional, length 0-128 characters, no restrictions on character types;
12. Remarks: optional, length 0-128 characters, no restriction on character type;

How do I import Photos In Bulk on the MIPS Desktop Software?

Steps: In the Employee list, click the "Add in bulk -Portrait import in bulk".
1) Step 1, click "Zip file selection" to open the Select Folder window and select the file upload.

After the file upload is successful, the current file storage path is displayed.
2) Step 2, click "Start Import", and a progress bar will be displayed during the import: the number of imported files / the total number of folders. And there will be a prompt message: x sheets have been successfully imported, x sheets failed. After the import is complete, the progress bar displays: The portrait photos in this folder have been imported.

Description of portrait import rules:

Portrait file naming The naming of the portrait file needs to correspond to the personnel ID. After the upload is successful, the corresponding person portrait information can be viewed in the person list.

Format and size Only two file formats of jpg and png are supported, and the size of each portrait file must not exceed 500k. Files that do not meet the requirements will not be imported.

Portrait Restriction Faces need to account for more than 1/3 of the photo. Please choose a front facing photo taken in the past three months. The avatar should be clear and the light uniform.

Select Folder Upload After the above conditions are met, place the named portrait photos in the specified folder and select the folder to import.

How do I assign employees in groups on the MIPS Desktop Software?

To start you will need to create identical group names for each group in 3 areas: Pass Management, Employee Management, and Device Management. 

For employees lists it is advised to upload in small batches of groups with the identical group name entered on the spreadsheet.

How do I assign employees groups to a kiosk device in the MIPS Desktop Software?

How do I export my Pass Record Temperature data?

Where do I find the Temperature Records?

Note: Temperature records are found in the Pass Management tab and not the attendance records. (Attendance records only show the check in times).

Our kiosk temperature check-ins are not syncing with the MIPS Desktop Software?

Check your Wifi connection.  It is important that your kiosk devices are on the same Wifi network as the desktop software. For offices or spaces with walls or obstruction between the desktop computer and kiosks it is recommended to use a LAN line connection.

Go to the Pass Records tab and click refresh and make sure the Regular Refresh button is turned on.

How do you set up email notifications?

Email notifications can be set up in desktop software in the System Management tab under System Settings. Please note that corporate email address servers may be slow, so we recommend using a dedicated Gmail account for notification emails.