We are now renting our Pass Management Temperature Screening Kiosk with choice of desktop or 4' pedestal stand, for a little more than $8 a day

If you are considering a purchasing a temperature screening device, but cannot afford to purchase a unit can now rent a TempSafe™ temperature scanning device to automatically screen and protect your establishment from illness.

While temperature screening is not a "magic bullet" for identifying coronavirus, it is a early symptom and one of the leading identifiers. Temperature screening is recommended by the CDC to use along side other measures.

Since the pandemic began, we have been forced to look at things we may have overlooked in the past, like routinely wiping counters, desk and chairs in the office, thoroughly washing and sanitizing hands, regularly disinfecting spaces, and being more conscious about being in close proximity of airborne transmission from others. Precaution is the new normal, as we adapt and make efforts to prevent the spread of all illness now and in the future.

Professional screening services are expensive, heighten anxiety with unnecessary production, and can run up to $25,000 a month for an average school district. TempSafe™ fully automates and speeds up the temperature taking process with zero person to person contact and without creating an unwelcome spectacle before entry.


Protect your employees and customers with minimal distraction and effort

Automated Temperature Screening is effortless and creates a safe trusted environment that eases the tension, fear, and anxiety people often feel after a pandemic. 

Automated Pass Management Temperature Screening Device. This device requires no physical interaction. Simply look at the camera and get the temperature in 1 second. Facial recognition checks-in and maintains records of the individual temperatures. Designed to help protect the health and safety of both employees and guests by preventing anyone with a temperature from entering a facility. it’s the perfect solution for office buildings, warehouses, schools, government buildings, museums, sports arenas, theme parks, movie theaters, gyms, rail stations, hotels, restaurants, or practically any public venue.

TempSafe Technology makes temperature screening easy. Explore our site to learn more about our Temperature Screening products.

Temperature Screening Solution

Safely screen employees and visitors for high temperature as they walk into a building or a defined area. The system can prevent people from entering if the pre-defined temperature threshold is exceeded or are not wearing a mask, and trigger an alarm.

  • Provides fast and accurate body-temperature measurement
  • Detects if a protective mask is being worn
  • Users can be denied door or system access if a high temperature or no mask is detected
  • Alarm options include strobe light, siren and a popup on PC workstation 
  • Saves data in personnel safety log and verifies records.
  • Data, alerts and reporting available

The solution combines a thermal camera and our latest face, palm and fingerprint recognition technology for employee authentication, providing advanced security and convenience, all on a single affordable device.

Used to help screen potentially affected people in the workplace and public venues:

Schools, airports, hospitals, construction sites, correctional institutions, government and office buildings

*Device rentals are billed monthly to your credit card at $250 per month for 12 months. Devices are shipped immediately after initial $250 payment + $250 deposit and contract and verification is complete. After 1 year you will have the option to renew your contract for $200 a month or return your device and get back your $250 deposit after inspection of the unit.
*For short term events we offer 1 month rentals at $25 a day for a total of $750 per device for 30 days. Cost of shipping and return shipping not included in price.
Due to the extreme demand of these devices we do not offer 'rent to own' arrangements at this time.
Please contact us to sign up for a rental and for more details.