Sitting Bull College Installs Temperature Taking Kiosk In Every Building

BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Temperature check kiosks in every building and QR codes for contact tracing on every door is making Sitting Bull College (SBC) students feel safer on on campus.

“Temperature checks and masks and hand sanitizer are available and I feel safe here, I just want to finish school. With the pandemic it’s hard, but we’re all striving to be better and support each other to finish and make the best of it,” said SBC student Donnette Medicinehorse.

The SBC app is not only used for contact tracing but for daily wellness checks, as well.

“Every student, every morning and staff and faculty, they get a health check warning. So they have to go through, and they have to enter whether or not they have any symptoms and based upon whether they have symptoms or not they get a clear or not clear,” said SBC vice president of operations Koreen Ressler.

Those not cleared will be contacted by the proper authorities.

“If they have more than two symptoms, we have them stay home and monitor themselves, then we’ll contact them the next day to see how their doing, if they’re feeling better. If they’re not feeling better we tell them to go get tested, if they’re feeling better they we’ll clear them an allow them to come to class,” said Ressler.

Sitting Bull College has four active cases and three recovered.

On Fridays, the campus is closed for deep cleaning.