Protect Employees and Visitors With a Temperature Screening Kiosk and Other Measures

In light of the recent coronavirus pandemic, people are taking extreme precautionary measures. Members of the general public are looking for ways to protect themselves and their families. Businesses are taking steps to safeguard their employees and customers. For many, this means wearing face masks, constantly cleaning surfaces, keeping a steady supply of hand sanitizer on tap, and staying at home as much as possible rather than venturing out into the open. As noted on this site, routine temperature checks are part of the new normal as well.

How Does Human Body Temperature Work?

In most cases, the average normal human body temperature is 98.6. Some people run a little low whereas others are always slightly warmer. Having a temperature that's noticeably higher than 98.6, though, is a sign that something's wrong.

Our immune systems maintain a constant vigil over our health. When harmful bacteria or viruses invade, the immune system springs into action to fight off those pathogens. It tells the body to generate extra body heat and retain it to create a less hospitable environment for germs. At the same time, the extra heat aids the immune system in killing dangerous invading cells according to and many other sources.

Keeping a Check on the Public

Once the pandemic started to spread, businesses began checking visitors' temperatures before allowing them to enter. Doctor's offices and establishments with numerous employees are prime examples. Before allowing anyone to enter, associates used the standard point-and-shoot thermometers to ensure visitors didn't have fevers and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Elevated body temperature isn't a surefire indication that someone is infected with the coronavirus. Still, it's definitely a sign that a person may be carrying a contagion. Companies like KIOSK are developing new solutions for checking visitors' temperatures. One option is the touchless, self-service temperature scanner. 

Quite a few Locations continue to embrace temperature screening even though the pandemic seems to be winding down. This could aid in slowing the spread of other illnesses during the seasons to come, such as various strains of the flu. Unfortunately, some of the preventative techniques now in play are causing their own problems.

Mitigating Another Problem

Checking temperatures before allowing people to enter a business goes a long way toward keeping contagious infections in check. Masks can help a great deal as well whether they're used on their own or in tandem with other measures. Of course, masks create yet another potential issue. With everyone's faces being covered, security is becoming an increasing concern. That said, some Locations continue to embrace temperature screening, facial recognition kiosks in response to COVID-19 as well. They can perform facial recognition scans through face masks to confirm employees' identities.

Bottom Line

Masks, temperature checks, heightened sanitation efforts, and other steps are essential for fostering public safety. This applies to not only COVID-19 but many other illnesses. Security can't be overlooked, though. People are most likely going to continue wearing face masks even after the pandemic fades, but those with malicious intent could certainly use this to their advantage. That means new strategies need to be used to help mitigate the dangers from numerous angles.