Newark Mayor Calls For Temperature Checks for Airport Travelers Coming From Coronavirus Hotspots

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka is asking state and federal officials to require temperature checks at Newark Liberty International Airport for travelers arriving from the 22 states designated by Gov. Phil Murphy as high-risk coronavirus areas.

Baraka also wants passengers to be quarantined if they have coronavirus symptoms and fill out forms for potential contact tracing, according to a news release.

“Here in Newark, we have worked with fury and diligence to contain this virus and our daily number of new cases have fallen to single digits, if at all. As COVID-19 cases and death spike in other parts of the country, it is important we keep the virus here manageable to protect our residents. I’d like to see the airport be a first-line of defense,” Baraka said in a statement.

He said the city is concerned about Newark residents who work at the airport and come in contact with arriving passengers who could potentially have the virus.

“Going to work should not put them at further risk,” Baraka said.

New Jersey is asking people traveling to the Garden State from 22 states that qualify as COVID-19 hotspots to voluntarily self-quarantine for two weeks and to seek a coronavirus test. Connecticut, New York and New Jersey jointly announced the quarantine plan in June to help protect their states from other areas with surging cases.

Those flying into New Jersey are also now being asked to fill out an electronic survey.

After peaking in April, the number of new cases, deaths, and hospitalizations per day in New Jersey has dropped and remained relatively stable for weeks. The steadiness comes after months of lockdown orders that Murphy has gradually peeled back in recent weeks.

As of Monday, there were 15,715 probable COVID-19 fatalities in New Jersey, but the rate of transmission once again dropped below the key benchmark of 1, indicating the outbreak is declining.

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