Millersville University Introduces Temperature Screening for Students

MILLERSVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) — On Tuesday, Millersville University introduced seven new temperature scanners for students, employees, and visitors to use on campus.

Members of the Millersville on-campus community are now able to have their temperatures recorded and reported without providing any identifying information.

The hands-free temperature scanning device makes it easy to have a temperature taken without having to remove a mask.

Josh Hartranft, executive director of technical solutions at Millersville, was instrumental in getting the scanners installed.

“To use the scanner, step up to the device and fit your face into the silhouette. The device checks to make sure you are wearing a mask. Do not take your mask off when scanning,” Hartranft said.

The seven new temperature screenings are available throughout the Millersville campus and can be found at Gordinier, Caputo, Breidenstine, Osburn, Ware/Winter Center, Lombardo Welcome Center, and Palmer buildings.

If high temperatures are recorded in students, they are advised to call health services at 717-871-5250. If employees or visitors record high temperatures, they are encouraged to contact their healthcare providers.

Although the temperature scanners are an effective precaution in determining COVID-19, Millersville recognizes the importance of proper social distancing, mandatory mask use, and washing hands.