COVID Technology Headlining This Year's CES

 AI and infrared technology featured in systems to detect and control pandemic risks at this year's all-virtual Consumer Electronics Show.

LAS VEGAS, NV (KMOX) - Cameras that alert businesses to social distancing violations and systems that can automatically take temperatures from six feet away are just a couple of the COVID-related technologies being presented at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

One company is offering a sanitizer kiosk.

They claim you can check your temperature, disinfect keys, wallets, masks and cell phones with UV light, and get a sanitizing spray for your hands. It offers personal protective equipment dispensers. And businesses that install them, can sell space for advertising on digital displays.

A robotics sensor supplier is marketing an artificial intelligence based Infrared device that uses facial recognition and tracks the thermal body temperatures of individuals in a room.   The creators boasts that the fully automated technologies allows employers to detect body temperature within half a second.  Depending on the model... you can receive high temperature alerts on mobile phones and get temperature detection anywhere from 6 to 26 feet away.

And then there's a 3D vision system for offices and other businesses. The system promises to count people, monitor movement, and trigger alerts when social distancing is violated.