COVID-19 Temperature Screening Devices Allow Businesses To Stay Healthy As We Recover From This Pandemic.

LOS ANGELES – As businesses work to reopen, the CDC released new guidelines for employers. Their recommendation is that businesses seeking to resume normal or phased operations should be conducting daily health checks. This would mean taking employees' temperatures before each shift.

What You Need To Know

    • CDC's new guidelines recommend businesses take employees' temperatures
    • Restaurant group has created device to check employee temps efficiently
    • Technology is being scaled quickly due to the pandemic


The workplace and public places are manually screening individuals with an infrared temperature Thermometer. Organizations had to react quickly to minimize exposure. As a result, we have seen infrared thermometers is being used to take the temperature of Individuals in; Airports, train stations, Hospitals and other checkpoints.

How do we keep environments safe by maintaining screening that is; labourers, tedious and subject to human error?

We automate the process with digital technology.

Here's how the process works: As an individual enters the facility, the thermal tablet instructs individuals to stand in front of the device once the face is detected the individual's triggers the mechanism to read the body temperature from the forehead.

The Thermal device flags a green light for average body temperature and a red light for high body temperature. These automated thermal devices are connected to a central server, or they can be a standalone unit without collecting any data outside of the facility.

The standalone devices will trigger an alarm to advise the Attendant of a potentially high-risk individual entering the facility Benefits: Maintain health and safety Protocol standards Increase security Reduce operational cost Track visitors and employees Avoid bottlenecking

You walk in, it recognizes you, and takes your temperature. Temperature testing is really important in restaurants, because they have to go to work, they can’t stay at home and are working closely together.

If you see a lot of people getting sick in a certain area, if they are showing up to work and having temperatures, it can help make decisions in certain areas if they are having issues.

Temperature screening devices allow businesses to stay healthy and in service as we slowly recover from this pandemic.