Chatham Township Now has Device that Will Check Temperatures When Entering Municipal Building

CHATHAM, NJ - First it asks the person entering the building to step closer, then it checks that person's temperature. Technology has arrived to detect the Coronavirus in Chatham Township.

The temperature check device is now operational for all visitors to the Chatham Township Municipal Building, which is still not open to the public. But when that day comes, expect to be greeted by this facial recognition device that checks temperatures.

If your temperature is normal, the machine will tell you "normal temperature." According to Chatham Township Administrator Bob Hoffmann, the device can also detect whether a person is wearing a mask and will set off an alarm if a temperature reads 104 or above.

Hoffmann said the devices were paid for by a grant and that the three machines he acquired are at the municipal building, the Chatham Township Police Department and at the Department of Public Works.