Biometrics and Body Temperature Scanning Technology for Schools Rolls Out, DHS S&T Announces Survey

New software, modules and scanners for biometric identification and body temperature checks have been launched by CyberLink, TempSafe and OneScreen, respectively, to help society reopen amidst the lingering threat of COVID-19. Each company mentions workplaces and schools as customers their technology is designed for, and schools are exploring different technologies to enable safe reopening. Now everyone is convinced about how well they will work, however.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is looking into the question with a “COVID-19 temperature screening technology survey.”

TempSafe launches module for return to work and school

Temperature sensors have been added to the biometric scanners in the IOM Access200 product family from TempSafe to add touchless body temperature checks to access control systems.

Access to a building can be automatically granted or denied based on biometric identification and temperature readings with the temperature module added to the TempSafe IC reader. The company’s patented iris recognition technology also identifies people wearing masks and goggles.

The temperature module has been incorporated with the company’s MIPS software.

TempSafe announced intentions to expand its face and iris biometrics product portfolio to support post-secondary school reopening earlier in the year.

DHS launches temperature screening survey

The Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) at DHS has published a request for information seeking information on companies making and selling “technologies for non-invasive febrile temperature screening” to help first responders in their COVID-19 response.

S&T’s National Urban Security Technology Laboratory (NUSTL) will conduct a market study following the survey’s conclusion, as part of its System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER) program. To be considered all technologies will have to meet the technical specifications identified by the National Institute of Health in its recent ‘Comparison of 3 Infrared Thermal Detection Systems and Self-Report for Mass Fever Screening’ study.

The survey asks for a brief description of the temperature screening technology, whether it can discriminate between two points varying in temperature by 0.2 degrees Celsius, if it has an effective range of two meters or greater, if it works in under a second and requires a blackbody reference object. NUSTL also asks about accessories, system cost, and where temperature is measured on the subject.

“Temperature screening technologies are one of several tools in our arsenal that can help reduce the spread of COVID-19,” states NUSTL Senior Technologist Bhargav Patel. “While screening for mass fevers may not be a panacea for getting back to ‘normal’ given the reported asymptomatic case rates, it becomes even more important to explore and use every possible tool that we have at our disposal.”

“NUSTL is committed to providing our stakeholders with actionable scientific data and strong technology options as they continue to stand up and implement their response plans,” adds NUSTL Director Alice Hong.

Protect your employees and customers with minimal distraction and effort

Automated Temperature Screening is effortless and creates a safe trusted environment that eases the tension, fear, and anxiety people often feel after a pandemic. 

Automated Pass Management Temperature Screening Device. This device requires no physical interaction. Simply look at the camera and get the temperature in 1 second. Facial recognition checks-in and maintains records of the individual temperatures. Designed to help protect the health and safety of both employees and guests by preventing anyone with a temperature from entering a facility. it’s the perfect solution for office buildings, warehouses, schools, government buildings, museums, sports arenas, theme parks, movie theaters, gyms, rail stations, hotels, restaurants, or practically any public venue.

Protect your employees and customers with minimal distraction and effort.

TempSafe Technology makes temperature screening easy. Explore our site to learn more about our Temperature Screening products.

Temperature Screening Solution

Safely screen employees and visitors for high temperature as they walk into a building or a defined area. The system can prevent people from entering if the pre-defined temperature threshold is exceeded or are not wearing a mask, and trigger an alarm.

  • Provides fast and accurate body-temperature measurement
  • Detects if a protective mask is being worn
  • Users can be denied door or system access if a high temperature or no mask is detected
  • Alarm options include strobe light, siren and popup on PC workstation 
  • Saves data in personnel safety log and verifies records.
  • Data, alerts and reporting available

The solution combines a thermal camera and our latest face, palm and fingerprint recognition technology for employee authentication, providing advanced security and convenience, all on a single affordable device.

Used to help screen potentially affected people in the workplace and public venues:

Schools, airports, hospitals, construction sites, correctional institutions, government and office buildings

No Touch Biometric Reader

Embedded face & palm recognition sensor provides 100% hands-free hygienic user authentication.

  • Used for various applications including Access Control, Time & Attendance, Visitor Management, Event Management & more
  • User authentication read range up to 8 feet
  • Face verification possible while wearing protective mask (Palm recognition advised while wearing mask)
  • Dual-lens IR & VL camera recognizes faces in both total darkness and bright sunlight 
  • Access Levels, Groups, Holidays, DST, Duress Mode (password), Anti-Passback, Record Query
  • Interfaces with
    • KeyTracer Key Control Systems
    • AssetTracer Smart Locker Systems
    • Various Access Control Systems