73 Percent Fear Returning to Work Amid COVID-19: Survey

Millions of employees are coming to terms with a new reality: it may be a very long time before they return to the office.

In just the past week companies including Ford, Microsoft, and Target told workers not to expect to be back in the office until at least the summer of 2021. 

For some workers, that news is a mixed blessing. 

According to a new survey from the workplace technology platform Envoy, 94% of workers say they want to return to the office at least one day a week, but they want to do it on their terms.

“Everybody needs their space, and sometimes they want to go to work to get away from things,” Envoy’s CEO Larry Gadea told Yahoo Finance. “It’s a little wild for some folks. There are kids running in the background, there’s jack-hammering outside, there’s a highway beside them. They want their work-life balance.”

While Gadea admits “flexibility is the future” when it comes to working from home, 90% of employees say they miss the workplace, especially socializing and seeing colleagues in person. More than a third miss office perks like lunch and snacks. 

Fear of returning to the office

Despite wanting to go back to the office, 73% fear a return to the workplace could pose a risk to their personal health and safety.