41 States Spike in COVID-19 Cases

The U.S. is seeing a dangerous turn in the coronavirus pandemic with 41 states now seeing a spike in cases.

Health experts are preparing for what could be a very difficult fall and winter as hospitalizations have reached peak levels in 39 states.

The U.S. saw its two highest single day case totals on Friday and Saturday, reaching 83,000 cases on Friday and 82,000 on Saturday.

But that case spike didn’t come out of nowhere. Since September daily case numbers have increased by 273%.

Health experts are now warning against family gatherings during the holidays.

North Dakota’s governor is even encouraging people to wear masks as a Thanksgiving challenge, and health experts say people need to start following guidelines now.

Montana has seen the biggest jump in cases out of any state with a staggering 500% increase over the past five days. Their governor is expected to issue new guidelines Monday.